One Platform Multiple Tools

Powerpitch offers a customizable experience with hundreds of features tailored to fit any awards workflow.

Branding and website

Easily tailor and design your program’s elements without any training or technical skills, ensuring your brand remains the focal point.

Logo, theme and colors

Incorporate your logo and select styles, colors, and typography for different elements to enhance brand recognition with your audience.

Embeddable registration form

Design a registration form to suit your preferences and easily embed it on your website with a simple copy-paste action.

Custom domain

Customise your program’s URL to reflect your unique brand or use your own domain for all program-related


Attract quality applications with a sleek, modern, and user-friendly submission portal that applicants will find engaging and easy to use.

Customizable application process

Control the timeline for registration, submission, editing, resubmission, or withdrawal of applications, with options for manual or automatic approval.

Video Pitch

Offer applicants the choice to record and upload their video pitches for streamlined and effortless evaluations.

Dynamic applicant portal

Applicants have access to a cutting-edge, full-featured submission portal, enabling them to create, edit, save, resume, and submit their work seamlessly.

Unlimited forms and fields

Design unlimited forms with all necessary fields to gather essential information, ensuring the success of your program.

Unrestricted file uploads

Applicants can upload countless files in various formats, offering them extensive flexibility in preparing their submissions.

Assignable, customizable, sleek application forms

Customize your program’s application forms to meet your precise needs, including required fields, hidden fields, questions, and more.


Experience unprecedented control over every aspect of your evaluation phase, from the judging portal to voting rounds and finalising results.

One-click entry approval and shortlisting

Efficiently mass approve and shortlist entries with a single click, or opt for detailed micro-management of each entry with equal ease.

Unlimited evaluation rounds

Design any number of evaluation rounds to suit the phases of your assessment process.

Multiple Evaluation Parameters

Set various criteria for the jury to evaluate and rate submissions.

Unlimited jury

Effortlessly invite and manage any number of jury for your program’s evaluation phase.

Advanced judge assignment

Assign jury members to specific program categories and evaluation rounds robustly, ensuring complete control over the judging process.

Judge comments

Enhance the screening by incorporating jury comments into the evaluation rounds, adding depth to the decision-making process.

Management & analytics

Efficiently handle all aspects of your program, including comprehensive customization, straightforward application management, result analysis, data export, and more.

Unlimited admins

With PowerPitch, invite an unlimited number of people to help manage your program, free from any limits or paywalls

Real-time analytics

Benefit from detailed sales analytics for continuous improvement and have guaranteed sole ownership of all your program data.

Automatic and broadcast emails

Revolutionize applicant communication with fully automated, highly customizable options down to the finest detail, and use your own email as the sender address.

Program archive

All data, reports, and files related to your programs will be securely stored, ensuring no loss of information from your previous projects with us.

Generate multiple reports

The back office is equipped to generate and view multiple reports for assessing the performance of your program.

Data Export Optionality

Experience exceptional data portability with easy export options

Enterprise-grade security

Enjoy peace of mind with our top-tier security measures ensuring data safety: full regulatory compliance, high-level protection, and vigilant monitoring.

100% Data ownership

Your program data is exclusively yours – we never use, share with third parties, or market to your customers. Complete data ownership guaranteed.

Secure storage with restricted access

Benefit from high-grade data privacy and security for you and your customers, vigilantly monitored around the clock to thwart unauthorised access.

GDPR / ISO 27001/ Privacy Shield compliant

Powerpitch is fast, secure, and fully compliant with all regulations, so you can manage your programs with ease

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