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Get away from boring excel and static forms, try something new. Dedicated software for inviting & processing applications, video-based evaluation, and intelligent communication.

Automate any type of awards program

(Powerpitch use cases)

Startup programs

Powerpitch enables incubators/accelerators to support the most innovative startups.


PowerPitch, the ultimate awards management system, is your one-stop destination to run exceptional awards program.


Streamline applications, enhance evaluation, and choose the worthiest candidates for your grant or funding program.

CSR Programs & Sponsorships

PowerPitch enables you to identify and drive positive transformation within your organization and community.

Scholarships & Program Admissions

PowerPitch streamlines the collection, assessment, and selection of top candidates for your scholarship or fellowship program.


PowerPitch simplifies selecting the most deserving winners in any competition or contest format.

Why organizations choose Powerpitch

83% of Incubation & Innovation centres across India have claimed to be understaffed and overworked.


Video-first approach

Leads to better & faster decision making

Exponential Scale

Efficiently manage thousands of applications through numerous rounds with diverse juries


Custom brand, forms and evaluation criteria to suit your organization's requirements

Improved Workflows

Replace spreadsheets and multiple tools with a single platform to review applications.


Collaborate with ease

Seamless collaboration with internal and external stakeholders

Role based Access

Tailor the accessibility for different internal and external stakeholders with customizable options.

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PowerPitch is the go-to choice application management software for entities ranging from incubators, large corporations and media houses to not-for-profits and associations

Incubators /Accelerators


Media Houses



Non-profits & NGOs




Run World class Innovation Program

Join the list of reputed incubators and  innovators using our platform for hosting and screening awards program with a video-first approach

Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Call for applications


Automated Communication

Automated Communication

Video powered Evaluation


Data Interpretation


Ready to automate your Awards Management ?

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